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Since 1960

For nearly 50 years, Thomas Dredging has focused on lake design and waterway enhancement projects in the Midwest, particularly in Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas. With a fleet of modern dredging and excavating equipment, a highly experienced technical staff, and an excellent company tradition, Thomas Dredging provides expertise in assisting lake developers, engineers, managers, and homeowners:

  • Reconfigure shorelines, slopes, or improve depth of existing lakes to maximize recreational or development value.
  • Revitalize lakes surrounded by homes to enhance depth, improve beaches, and improve water quality.
  • Expand recreational uses by increasing water depth and clarity to improve fishing, boating, skiing, etc.
  • Expand or enhance existing lakes prior to residential or commercial development.
  • Improve boat access to docks or marinas.
  • Enhance environmental quality by improving water flow or uncovering springs which may be covered with sediment buildup, to better control algae and weed growth.

Thomas Dredging is a dynamic and diverse company that has the capability and expertise to perform specialty projects such as:

  • Mine-to-lakefront property conversions such as sand pit to residential lake developments.
  • Federal, State, and City/Local Government projects such as repairs to flood damaged areas along lakes and environmental enhancements.
  • Channel/cove development and enhancement including widening, or creation of channels connecting lakes.
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